Amir Handjani Senior Advisor

Amir Handjani brings a wealth of international, legal and government knowledge to KARV Communications. He is President of PG International Commodity Trading Services. PG International currently imports a wide variety of agrocommdities such as wheat, corn, raw sugar, feed grain and vegetable oil and is instrumental in facilitating humanitarian trade into the Iranian market.

Among Mr. Handjani’s other assignments, he is a member of the Board of Directors of RAK Petroleum PLC, an exploration and production company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and Pt Capital, an Arctic resource asset management firm; a Truman National Security fellow; and a member of the Atlantic Council Iran Task Force.

He began his professional career as a United States Department of Justice, Honors Law Graduate where he served as Associate Chief Counsel in the Department of Justice.

He is a graduate of Boston College and Northeastern University School of Law and is a member of the District of Columbia and New Jersey Bar.

Mr. Handjani has published extensively in Reuters, The Hill, The National Interest, Al Jazeera and others, is a constant contributor on issues ranging from the Iran nuclear deal, Persian Gulf and Energy security.