Richard Wolffe Senior Advisor

Richard is a best-selling author, journalist and digital media executive, with extensive experience covering politics and foreign policy across multiple platforms.

In addition to his position at KARV, he is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer at Global Citizen, a non-profit social action platform to solve the world’s biggest challenges, and to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. He currently writes a twice-weekly column for The Guardian, focusing on U.S. politics. An MSNBC political analyst for a decade, Richard was previously Vice-President and Executive Editor of, launching the channel’s website and app in 2013 and its digital video channel in 2014.

Richard is the author of the books, Renegade: The Making of a President, about the Obama campaign, Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House, The Message: The Re-Selling of President Obama, and co-author of The Victim’s Fortune, about the behind-the-scenes deals that led to billions of dollars in compensation to the Nazis’ victims. He has also co-authored two cookbooks Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America and Made in Spain.

Richard began writing about American politics as a senior journalist at the Financial Times, serving as its deputy bureau chief and U.S. diplomatic correspondent in Washington D.C. He spent eight years with the Financial Times, including four years in the United Kingdom. He joined Newsweek magazine in November 2002 as diplomatic correspondent, covering foreign policy and international affairs.

Born in Birmingham, England, Richard graduated from Oxford University with first-class honors in English and French.