Pundits Pundits Everywhere

Talking heads.

We are used to it.

Former somethings.

I have been one.

Friends are. Have been. Want to be.

Over the past few days of the crisis in Ukraine, there have been seemingly more pundits than I have ever seen.

CNN has a five-screen set up. MSNBC has a bunch of people around a table. Fox has guests that just blast the President.

It’s a TV circus.

Have title, will contribute.

Former Dep. Sec of something; General; Colonel; think-tanker; Kremlinologist. Who can I trust?

Trying to make sense of it all.

What will Putin do? Will Obama say and do the right thing? Will Alex say something insightful? Does Anderson ever sleep?

Where are the serious questions about what this all really means for Americans? Jake tried that but I’m not sure he got an answer.

Chris just doesn’t know enough about anything that isn’t about Rodman.

So where does that leave us?

We are a voracious society looking for information and our news programs have to provide it – but what are they saying all day?

I’m not sure.

They need to bring it home. Have some talking heads tell me what is means to me and my children so that when I go home tonight, I can answer the questions with expert references – not just what I think because I might be in the know.

We want the news. We crave it. We just don’t know which head to believe.

Help me decipher the message. Crystalize the talking point. But ask the questions that help me help my 15 year-old know whether we are moving forward or slipping back into a Cold War time that I recall vividly.

In 1989, the Berlin wall fell. I was there shortly after.  Timothy Garton Ash wrote eloquently about the time. Gorbachev and Reagan left the scene.  Today is a new day – but is it? Tell it to me and to my children so they don’t hide under a desk asking about nuclear bombs.

Pundits. Talking heads.

They are only as good as the questions they ask and answer.

What does it mean to me? Personalize it. Don’t pontificate.  We need to know. Five screens or one. Ask the right questions.

I want the answers. The next generation needs them.

When I woke up this morning, I read this in the NY Times.  Maybe this explains why we aren’t getting some better answers.  I hope we find them.