Comments on the Tragedy in Boston

The past few days in Boston have been trying. At this moment, the city is virtually locked down as authorities search for the second suspected perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing. In the coming days and weeks, we will likely learn more about the suspects and their twisted motives. But in the grand scheme of things, the motives of two crazed individuals don’t really matter. What matters is how the city of Boston has reacted.

We’ve read about Carlos Arredondo, the anti-war activist, “man in the cowboy hat” who saved a victim’s life by applying pressure to Jeff Bauman’s femoral vein after the loss of his legs. We saw Bruins fans taking over the national anthem in a memorable show of strength and solidarity. And we heard stories about marathoners who crossed the finish line and kept running to the nearest hospital to donate blood.

That is what we should take from this terrible tragedy. That is what Boston is all about.