Summer’s Gone, But Not Forgotten – KARV Turns 2 and Keeps Growing!

Labor Day is the time when we all say, “the summer went so fast,” but it is also a time when we gear up for the fall and look ahead. The KARV Communications team is excited for the challenges that await, as we have tackled many since our founding.

When I launched KARV Communications in 2012, the idea was to continue doing what I loved – providing insightful corporate communications, crisis communications and public affairs counsel to clients.  The concept also involved combining these services with two disciplines that also help shape external perceptions while helping us help our clients achieve their business goals: business intelligence/research and online reputation assessment. In our first two years, KARV has been able to bring this array of services to the table for many of our clients, and we continue to grow our offering.

Since our founding, we have added personnel and capabilities.  Last month, Eric Andrus joined the team, bringing deep financial communications experience along with over two decades of impressive work across the corporate and crisis communications spectrum.  We have also expanded – and continue to expand – what I like to call the “KARV Bench,” exceptional people with different talents from a range of geographies, who bring added firepower to our communications offerings, not to mention our Senior Advisors, who add specific communications and public affairs expertise and insights when needed.  We have also developed stronger relationships with people and companies who bring us support in all disciplines and we can provide introductions to our clients as needed: lobbyists, advertising designers, local PR teams, lawyers, investment advisors and many others.  We do this in the United States and across over three dozen countries.

This coming year we hope to expand on our relationships, particularly on the west coast, working with Seth Jacobson and his team at JCI.  We will also continue our international outreach “going where the clients take us,” which means we are heading more to Europe , Asia and Africa in the coming months and are excited about meeting our clients’ needs there as well.

With two years gone by, we felt it was time to revamp the KARV website to reflect our progress, our enhanced team and our expanded offering.  We will continue to add insightful comments and post stories, pictures and other items that move us, inspire us or applaud our clients – on the website as well as through all forms of social media.  In addition, we would love to hear if you have anything you would like to post and share with the growing KARV community.

Our clients, partners and friends have helped us get this far and I am proud of what we have accomplished together.   Everyone at KARV is looking forward to more as we continue to offer Strategic Communications for an Unpredictable World.

All best,
Andrew and the KARV Team