Potential Cybersecurity Breaches: A Question of When, not If

Recent disclosures of hacking at the Democratic Party’s headquarters, its congressional campaign committee and the campaign of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton underscore the critical need for all organizations – whether in blue, red or purple states – to have updated plans for potential cyber breaches.

For most enterpises of any scale, the question of such a breach occuring has rapidly become one of “when” not “if”. Senior executives and their boards can no longer afford to operate without a robust plan to address potential risks to reputation and public goodwill stemming from a cyber breach. Nor can they rely on an outdated plan that has been gathering dust since it was created on floppy disk – or, worse yet, that exists only on paper, complete with employees’ pager numbers.

The fallout from the Democratic hack has already cost the Chairman of the DNC her job and may affect others as more is revealed. Senior executives at enterprises in financial services, healthcare, retail, and education – to name a few recently hacked industries — are facing an unprecedented array of information security challenges from data breaches of personal, financial, health and academic information at the hands of cybercriminals, or malicious and unwitting contractors or employees.

Breaches significantly disrupt relationships with clients, customers, patients, students and employees; regulatory and elected officials; investors and donors; strategic business partners and suppliers; community leaders; and other important stakeholders.. Cybersecurity lapses can cost substantial sums of money in terms of fines, remediation and investigation – and may lead to class action suits and other costly litigation. These incidents can directly impact share price and valuation, and may also significantly damage an enterprise’s reputation and goodwill far beyond the individuals whose personal information was compromised.

KARV Communications helps companies and organizations address potential risks to reputation and public goodwill stemming from cyber breaches. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the enterprise’s ability to both anticipate threats to reputation and communicate effectively with all critical stakeholders when an incident occurs.