COVID-19 Impact on the U.S. Business Sector [Updated October 30, 2020]

UPDATED October 30, 2020

While we all grapple with the pandemic’s enormous global economic and societal impact, as well as the impacts of the upcoming U.S. presidential election, KARV has looked around the corners to help prepare clients for the next likely communications challenges they may face — especially those on the legal/litigation front — as lockdowns begin to end and economies begin to reopen.

We are at the ready to help clients navigate the path forward, having examined public health, economic and political realities in the U.S., assistance and regulatory initiatives by government and private sector entities, and the potential business and political ramifications of these developments. We have put together a brief snapshot of these issues, which will impact companies doing business in the U.S. as well enterprises around the world.

As always, KARV stands ready to assist with any strategic communications and litigation support needed during this time.

Scroll through the slideshow below or download the PDF.