KARV Receives PR News Award for Best in Show

The purpose of our strategic communications work is, at times, to help tell and amplify the views and stories of those who cannot share them themselves. Last night, KARV Communications was recognized by PR News with its Platinum “Best in Show” Award for the work we have been doing since mid-2021 for the Ukrainian Federation of Employers of the Oil and Gas Industry (UFEOGI), the energy association of Ukraine.

It is an incredible honor for KARV to be recognized for the messaging and U.S./EU media relations work we are doing to help those so enormously suffering from this terrible war. KARV’s award is for our year-long campaign of “Amplifying the Ukrainian narrative amidst a geopolitical and humanitarian crisis.”

KARV will continue our work to articulate and generate global support for UFEOGI’s key messages about energy security and the atrocities that Russia is befalling on Ukraine’s people, infrastructure, and industries. We #StandwithUkraine and encourage you to reach out and help in any meaningful way that you can.

We are humans first before we are professionals; We have families, loved ones, and people we care deeply about. Those in Ukraine are suffering the consequences of an unprovoked invasion that is tearing families apart and displacing millions from their homes. It is up to us, those on the outside, to raise awareness about what is needed to better the lives of the Ukrainian people and rebuild their nation. This fight continues, and the KARV team is here to work alongside UFEOGI each step of the way.