A Focus on Health and Healthcare in 2023

During 2022 we have had the great luck to work with some incredible people and companies pushing boundaries in their respective fields. We know that the past year has not been easy for all – still we are enduring the pandemic, a war impacting so many families, and the trials and tribulations of a rapidly changing world. We also know that out of the darkness, humans have displayed a great sense of resiliency, innovation, compassion, and dedication to the betterment of humanity. This has all been accomplished while maintaining a sense of wonderment and curiosity about how the world around us operates and how we can be forward-thinking.

At KARV, we have spent time assessing what works in this ever-changing climate. How we can work globally and still maintain a sense of community, while giving our clients the stellar strategy and individualized attention that has been our hallmark for the past decade. We curate client teams that include specialists in their field and situation, as well as those who offer different perspectives, challenging us to formulate the most insightful and effective strategies. Approaching each project from various angles allows us to both craft the sharpest, most compelling messaging and best prepare our clients for all potential scenarios. We have grown in various corners of the world – learning about new cultures and business environments as we deliver the best possible solutions and service to our clients.

When we say happy and healthy for the new year, after the past few years there’s a new connotation associated with that language. COVID-19 has exposed the world to the harsh realities of the flawed healthcare delivery system, a system yearning for evolution. It seems at this moment, the demand for care is outperforming the ability to rapidly change the institutions here in America.

Image of Heart Rate Screens

COVID-19 has not only shown the world the damage a virus can do, but it has also opened our eyes to underlying disease and the trials and tribulations of chronic illness. Pockets of America experience health disparities at an unimaginable rate – understandable due to a lack of trust in healthcare providers, an inability to access the care they need, and the affordability factor. The new generation of healthcare needs to be able to deliver accessibility, ease, and proper care.

At KARV, we have seen and talked with many forward-thinking companies at the intersection of healthcare and technology in various manners. Generating trust between the patient and the healthcare system is a modern goal of healthcare delivery. We have seen how various AI technologies can help in solving the issue of ease of accessibility.

In 2023, we will be delving into the healthcare and technology space, looking to identify opportunities and develop projects that can help promote greater health equity on a local, national, and international scale.

We look forward to work alongside interesting people in their quest to achieve a better world. We appreciate the trust you put in our KARV team and our partnerships. We look to 2023 as an opportunity to continue our work, to embrace the challenges and the chaos, and continue to provide you with strategies for communicating and navigating in this unpredictable world.