KARV Communications draws from a deep understanding of the media, politics, and how to implement carefully thought out solutions to support litigation strategy in complicated cases. Our ability to assist our clients and their lawyers in thinking through how communications can advance a client’s litigation goals, as well as the communication ramifications of the legal steps they may take, is among the reasons why clients call upon us and law firms recommend us.

Our approach begins with creating a compelling message platform that encapsulates the client’s position and supporting information; preparing answers to potential questions from reporters, investors, customers, employees and other key constituents; and planning for likely and contingency next steps in the legal process and how they may be impacted by corporate developments and external factors.

KARV Communications team members have worked with dozens of law firms, from global to small boutique, on numerous cases including:

  • Complex litigation
  • Cross-border arbitration
  • SEC violations
  • FCPA, CFIUS, and other government/regulatory investigations
  • Holocaust asset litigation
  • Art ownership disputes
  • Product recalls
  • Bankruptcy/restructuring
  • Politically sensitive legal disputes
  • Labor-related matters
  • Employment law disputes