Maxfield & Oberton, the owners of Buckyballs® and Buckycubes®, had previously worked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to establish an education campaign and make sure their warning labels conformed to all safety standards. They hired our team to assist in furthering their outreach efforts. With them we created www.magnetsafety.com to help people understand the products were not for kids. When the CPSC later attacked the Company and asked them to recall its products, the Company decided to go on the offensive. When the CPSC amended the recall lawsuit to include one of the Company’s founders on the complaint, KARV helped establish www.UnitedWeBall.org in an effort to raise funds for a legal defense and to raise awareness of the potential impact the case would have on small business owners. Our team placed articles in the NY Times, Wired and many other publications including an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, as well as getting the CEO on Nightline, CNBC, FOX Business and hundreds of radio programs all over the country.

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