Todd Ehrlich

Todd Ehrlich has been producing corporate communication video projects for members of the KARV team for the past 20 years. As the founder of T-LINE TV, Ehrlich is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Emmy Award. He has also been honored with 15 Emmy Nominations in his 25 plus years in the TV industry. Under Ehrlich’s stewardship, T-LINE TV has been recognized with over 80 international awards for its corporate communication projects. T-LINE TV specializes in understanding the key strategic messaging and creating effective videos to match the needs of its clients. Our specialties included, video news releases, satellite media tours, website videos, sales tapes, meeting video or internet campaigns. As President of T-LINE TV, Ehrlich puts his vast television experience at the disposal of your company. Your messages are our guidelines, T-LINE TV is TV to the point, your point!